Student facilities at Manjimup Senior High School include:

n? 20 general classrooms

n? 1 seminar room, 1 workroom

n? ?5 science laboratories

n? ?4 computer laboratories, including the MITE

n? ?1 photography room and dark room,?

n? ?2 music studios

n? ?2 art rooms and a gallery

n? ?1 commercial kitchen

n? 1 indoor open area/restaurant

n? ?1 gymnasium, 1 fitness gym

n? ?1 library

n? ?1 oval, 2 fields

n? A Trade Training Centre including:

n? ?1 industry standard wood fabrication facility

n? ?1 industry standard metal work/engineering facility

n? ?1 industry standard automotive facility

n? ?conference room

n? ?3 classrooms

Monday the 25th.