This is the name given to the school decision-making group.  The Principal is the Executive Officer of the School Board. There are currently 4 parent representatives, 2 teacher representatives, 3 community representatives, 2 student representatives and the Business Manager is ex-officio.  Elections for these positions are held in Term 1. The School Board?s major role is to set and monitor the key directions of the school.

For 2016, the members of the School Board are:


Parents                                                             Community
Bryan Hickman                                                Paul Omodei ? Chair                                 
Ruth Seymour                                                  Lynn Daubney
Sharon Austin                                                  Ian Guthridge
Carmel Liebeck                                          Graeme Liddelow
Teachers                                                          Students
Linda Rogers                                                   Bryce Bamess
Alycia Bermingham                                       Caroline Souroup
Vicki Hansen ? Business Manager non-voting
Kerry Mather - Principal
Monday the 25th.